cFos Broadba cFos Broadband Connect Version 1.06
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Brief review

The dial-up driver installed in any Windows machine can only transfer data at speeds 4.5 Mb/s. Change this to 50Mb/s after downloading cFos Broadband Connect, a dial-up driver on steroids. What the program does is complicated, but the interface is anything but.


This easy to use interface makes the multitude of things the driver does easy to execute. It's even easy to set yourself up as your own PPPoE server (a handy feature). Just like similar programs, cFos Broadband Connect makes small changes to the registry and certain system files.

Main Function

This program is mainly to put the power of your computer to good use, giving tasks like streaming music or playing an internet game the proper CPU power they require. This is the secret of cFos Broadband Connect: changing the way processes are handled, maximizing CPU space.

Extra Features

Use Auto-Detect to find all available connections at any given time, and enjoy the power to accept VoIP calls with ease by setting up your own PPPoE server. Enjoy multipe PPPoE sessions all at the same time if you wish, and set parameters to restrict certain connections from taking place. In short, this program isn’t lacking when it comes to extra features.


As with similar services, it is free to try and $19.90 afterwards. CFos is an easy to use program that most users will find nicely organized. If you are looking for a program of this sort, you have nothing to lose giving it a try.

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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